The Final Chapter

Finally. The last installment of Vietnam pics. Looks like it's time for another vacation. *sigh* I wish....Thanks for all your comments, though!


Cat Lady

This is freaky. Oh, they look docile enough at first...but just you wait.


Will they survive?!?!?

Did Pete and I get eaten by huge, flesh-eating monsters while trekking through the rice paddy steppes??? Find out in the second exciting installment of Vietnam pics!

Have I mentioned before how much I love Adobe Lightroom? Thanks, Jesse. And thanks, Jayson.


back on the blogger wagon.

I'm back from Vietnam, and that means back to blogging with a treasure-trove of new pics. My bro and I conquered northern Vietnam with our traveler's prowess. We braved the motorbike infested streets of Hanoi, battled the shoe-eating mud in the stunningly beautiful, but treacherously slippery, hills around Sapa, and defiantly waited patiently for many a bus on our tour through Halong Bay. Peril? Yes, you could say we were in great peril. But we faced the peril. And we had a super time doing it.

If you're in my vicinity, ask me more and I'll tell you. If you're in Pete's vicinity, ask him about it, and I'm pretty sure he'll tell you. If you just want to look at the first installment of pics and be done with it, go here. If you think all vacations are the same and have no desire to hear yet another story about traveler's diarrhea, then maybe you will find this interesting instead (Trust me. It's cool. Check out the movies, too.).

In other news, I also went to a Muse concert last Sunday at Pentaport Rock Festival in Incheon. They ROCK in concert! So go, now, buy tickets, and see them. And the rock gods will be appeased.