pie master!

My first homemade pies! Okay, with significant help from momma. But completely homemade, crust and all. And, believe you me, that crust is no easy feat. Props to Grandma Ima, Aunt Becky, Aunt Sandy, and all those who make their own pies. You're my heroes.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


This is a first. The first. Entry, that is.

Okay, all, so I'm going to Korea, and I figure, "hey, new country. new blog!" So, I'll probably just post on here instead of plaguing your emails with mass, uh, emails....too many emails. So, let the journey begin! Wow, I'm really building this up. I hope you're not disappointed.

So, as an update, I'm leaving on Dec. 7th. Yes, pre-Christmas, don't remind me...*sniffle*....but don't worry. I'll spread Christmas cheer worldwide!

Also, if you've been trying to call me (you possibly being singular), don't. Not because I don't want you to call me, but because my phone is D-E-D...dead. So, anyone who reads this and knows I will want to talk to them before I leave (you know who you are), email me your numbers, pleeze! They were lost in the aforementioned phone.

One last thing. Anyone who wants to talk while I'm in Korea can always get Skype. It's a FREE online phone! Yes, FREE! (I'm being paid for this). And, if you have a Macbook, like I know some of you do, you don't even have to get a microphone. It's built in! Macs rule! (They're paying me, too.)

And, as one last last thing...anyone who can name how many and what movie quotes were used in this entry gets a prize.

Okay, I lied about the prize.