The end.

I'm afraid it is time for Just a Snippet to retire. What started as a blog about my life in South Korea has since morphed into a sporadic record of design tidbits, all of which can now be found at http://www.betsylance.com/blog or on my twitter feed here. So, until the next blog of travels (please be soon, please be soon...), I bid you farewell! Thanks for following; hope to see you at the new site!


You're the inspiration! (cue Peter Cetera)

A timeline of my life via writers, musicians and artists who have really influenced my life and work. Thanks, fellas!

Typefaces: Univers and Pompadour numerals (lovely and free!)


School's In!

First day of class: Intro to Flash in the Computer Information Systems program (not Graphic Design) and ON A PC. Painful! I drew this while someone asked how to use a thumb drive.