Christmas time is Here!

Me, dishing out some poker at Mipa's

I spent Christmas with my friend from college, Mipa, and her family. They were good enough to let me crash at their apartment for a few days and share their Christmas time. It was so nice to feel like part of a family since I had to be away from my own. We whiled away the time playing uno and rummycub and watching old movies. Sunday morning, Mipa and I went to my church for a candlelight service, featuring an awesome slide show featuring the photographic talent of Ms. Julene Tegerstrand. You can check it out at her blog.

Christmas here is a smaller affair, not the gorging of gifts like we usually do in the States. At Mipa's, we opened one gift on Christmas Eve and one on Christmas morning. Yes, they even gave me presents, though I was the one who should have been gifting them! Christmas morning, we headed to a church in Daejon where Mipa's dad was preaching that morning. Even though I only understood about three sentences of the entire service, it was a lively church with wonderfully friendly people. It was a good time. Check out Mipa's flickr for some of these and more pics (not to mention her incredible illustrations!).

So much love and thanks to the Lee family for taking me in!!


Mr. Lee and Angela (Mipa's sister)

Mrs. Lee

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Kristal said...

It looks like you had a great Christmas. We missed you!
Happy New Year!