Playing with Guns.*

There's nothing like a bbq on the roof followed by hours of shooting stuff with bb guns.
guns + digi-cam = endless fun.

*rated PG....for "play guns"...


Andrew said...

Your liberal BIG BROTHER must take issue with this post.

Need I object to this post, and it's graphic pictures, selectively? No. Thus, I will take opportunity to object to this post on numerous accounts.

1. Playing with guns. Please. We didn't play with guns in Where the Red Fern Grows, and we don't play with guns now. There is no "playing" with guns.

2. Who are these boys??? Is there something I need to know? Please, show me some pics of these gentlemen outside of this context so I may have an opportunity to respect them on some level!

3. A gun pointed at my sister's face, camera, or general vicinity, is unacceptale to me. Perhaps "protective Andrew" needs to display itself more often, but I can't stand for a non-comment here. Please -- guns, whether 45's or BB guns, are unacceptable to me. Especially when pointed at the face of my sister.

Maybe I'm being an ass, but I'm the biggest of the big brothers, and I am exercising the right.

betsy said...

thanks, brother. to set your mind at ease, be assured that, although they may look scary, these "guns" are the wimpiest of wimpy when used in any sort of defensive capacity i.e. you could throw a bb as fast as they shoot them.

secondly, see blog entry from Jan. 7th for an entirely disarming picture of aforementioned boys whose intentions are nothing but honorable, if slightly juvenile. To paraphrase Lucky Day, it's like living with a floor full of six year olds.

Thirdly, as a lover of movies such as snatch and pulp fiction, you know that we mild-mannered types all like to pretend to be bad-asses every once in a while, even though we're really just nerds who like to watch old episodes of mystery science theater 3000 (a regular occurrence around here).

So, no worries big brother. And, your right to be an ass is respected.

Andrew said...

Thanks for clearing that up Bets. I didn't mean to rain on anyone's parade, just gotta watch out for the little sister sometimes. :-)

BTW, i'm really enjoying the blog, i need to comment more.