Everland Adventure!

God bless Korean holidays. And non-retail jobs that assure you will get off on every red numbered holiday on the calendar. It's almost as good as working for the U.S. government.

Last Wednesday was a holiday. For what, no one seems to know, but we took advantage of it and whisked ourselves away to Everland, Korea's answer to Disneyland (click here for more pics). And, indeed, they seemed to take their cue from everything Disneyland-ish, from the quaint shops of main street to the electric light parade, which, I swear, had little musical quotes from the Disney one. The main difference was that instead of crab cakes at the Blue Bayou restaurant, we were stuck with peanut butter octopus (no joke!) and bulgogi burgers.

Although the food left something to be desired, the company didn't. We marveled at the foreign performers (none of them Korean) and laughed at classic misspellings, like the "Pizza Rool" ("Pizza Roll" on another nearby menu) and the succulent "Soft Baked Crap". The rollercoasters were decent and the theme rides at least mildly entertaining. But the best part was hanging out with super cool people who will ride subways wearing animal hats. You guys rock.


Jesse said...

So what was the "crap" supposed to be? Carp or crab?

betsy said...

crab. but, from the looks of the picture, the spelling error was not far off. next time we're bringing our own food!

Raychung22 said...

Last picture is priceless!!!!