What? I was gone?

Okay, so I'm back in the homeland. And it's great to be back. In fact, it feels like I never even left, which is both weird and somewhat disturbing. There are a few changes in my town, though:

1. Starbucks is the new mafia. We went from about 4 to 10 in a year...and there's more on the way.

2. Chipotle. Phenomenal.

3. GoCarts are hip? Other towns bring in art galleries, coffee shops, breweries, and funky little stores to revitalize their downtowns. We bring in go-carts. Wow.

4. Diversity. Ethnic diversity hits Redding? Impossible! I once thought, but it seems that in as little as a year, there's a noticeable change from the sea of white faces. Good for Redding.

5. New Library! Hooray! Our library has emerged from the 70's! Finally, I can start reading again.

6. Red Robin is super greasy. Actually, this is the same, I just notice it more. I gotta lay off those french fries.

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