New Letterpress Cards!

Obscure holidays always get the short end of the stick when it comes to festive cards, so let's give them their chance! Talk Like a Pirate Day, Grammar Day, Tell a Lie Day, and Panic Day now have a voice. Made the old-school-icious (it's a word now...) way with handset metal type, I'm pretty fond of these little guys. Check out Plan B for more info.

For the next run, thinking up ideas for Skeptics Day and (belated) Procrastination Day. Any ideas?


Stephen said...

Brilliant cards! Perhaps you can share the dates of these obscure holidays so we can begin celebrating them with you!

As far as the next round goes (procrastination and skeptics), perhaps if you wait long enough something will come to you...but I doubt it!

Love & Miss You,

Shar said...

For skeptics day you might have a quote from Puddleglum and "The Silver Chair". But...he puts the worst face on things and then tries to make the best of it. Dad calls him a realist. A thought, anyway.

Meeps said...

love them beesh!
are you still alive?? miss u!