Can someone please get this girl a scanner?!

Last Friday a bunch of us on the floor went to VIPs, an American style buffet place with steaks and such also. It was great food and I had my first taco in a month! But the best part was the birthday song. Since I had had my birthday of late, we decided to experience the incredible hilarity that is....well, just look at those hats they had us wear. Mine's a princess crown (over my took my orange hat, so silly), but my personal favorite is Ken's hat. He's in the front across from me, and yes, that is a sheep's head.

Oh, but that's not all. The waitresses sang a Korean song for us and, man, were they into it! They were singing full-on, each with some sort of percussion instrument: shakers, maracas, tambourines, you name it. My eyes were watering, I was laughing so hard (not an uncommon occurrence for me, but still...).

Another funny tidbit about VIPs: they were playing all this American rap and hip-hop -- uncensored. So we're in this nice restaurant, paying a ridiculous $20 for a buffet, with f-bombs dropping in the background. They had no idea....

Just kidding about the scanner.

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Sonya said...

princess B, you are beautiful.

and your pics on flickr are amazing!

miss you!!