A Tale of Two Cultures

I two cultural experiences on Saturday. I went to an orphanage in the morning. Several people here go regularly just to play with the kids and give them a little loving. The orphanage was small, more like just a house, and there were only about 7 kids around 5 or 6 years old. There were three of us, so we could give the kids a lot of attention. As soon as we arrived, the lady who was watching the kids left us in charge and went to start making lunch. These kids are too young for school, they just hang out there all day, so we were a welcome diversion. They crawled on us like jungle gyms. Some just wanted us to hold them. It was a good time. Just as long as I don't have to help any kid in the bathroom or change diapers I'm okay....ha.

So, cultural experience number two: boy culture, video game culture. I went to a PS2 (Playstation 2) room with some of the guys on the floor. This, apparently, is where it's at for guys: sitting around on couches playing FIFA World Cup Soccer (what ALL the Koreans were playing) on a big screen TV with your pals . I hear my junior high boys talking about these places all the time. So, we played Urban Reign, a choose your gansta and beat the blah out of them with a bat, or bottle, or club with spikes on it (take your pick) game. Although I was laughing inside at the complete silliness of it all, I must admit that when I was playing the mammoth Napalm spinning Grimm over my head and tossing him into a chain link fence, I had to blurt out a satisfying, "Take THAT, sucka!"

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Anonymous said...

Bets, you talking about the orphanage, and how some of the kids just wanted to be held, made me think about Steve's message last Sunday at The Door...he told us about the orphanages in Romania in the early part of the 1900's when the government made it a law that everyone had to work to help out the country's economy. Because of that all the children were put into orphanages. Because there were'nt enough people to give each child attention, many of these children developed symptoms of autism because of the lack of human touch. There was actually a program that went into effect later on where people from the US would volunteer to go to these orphanges and just hold the children. They found that only 15 minutes a day of human touch made a huge difference in these kids. Kind of amazing, huh?

Love ya, Aunt B