Ode to Breakfast

Check out this omelet action! No gaping holes, fillings spilling out, might as well be a scramble of some sort...this is a bona fide omelet. The secret is in the swish. Mmmmm...with bacon, tomatoes, cheese, and mushrooms...I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.

Speaking of fabulous breakfasts, I've also been making a Lance family classic: German Pancakes. These fluffy, eggy pancakes are the ones me and my bros would beg mom to make just about every Saturday morning. Sometimes she'd relent, and we'd scarf up 3 or 4 pans of these things. Instead of maple syrup, I've been heating up some frozen strawberries (thanks Costco!), add a spoonful of sugar a la Mary Poppins*, and you've got strawberry goodness to pour on the top. Es ist kostlich!

*For the darker side of Mary Poppins check this out....


Kristal said...

What funny timing. You need to talk to Andrew about omelets. Our friend Amber is in culinary school and she came to visit and showed Andrew how to make the perfect omelet. He's pretty much a master.
We should have an omelet making contest!!! I could be the judge of course.
Damion and Miles missed you this last time everyone else was up. Miles was sure that since Pete was flying up you'd be flying in as well.
Enjoy your new omelet skillz!!

mipa said...

love the scary mary video. we need to watch that again, bets!