Two Movies and a Website

Okay, not really movies, but videos. Movies sounded better, though. Kind of like "Three Men and a Baby". Or "Two Guys and a Girl". Although, that was a terrible show....

Go here to see my mom looking so good in her debut commercial, along with some other great looking gals from back home.

Go here to see why women always think they're ugly.

Go here for a new addiction and instructions for anything you could ever want to know. My favorites so far: the paper wallet and the invisible bookshelf.


Lyn said...

on the show "2 guys and a girl":
I was bowling in canada one night with a friend and all of her friends and we saw a guy that looked exactly like that blond guy from the aformentioned show. Everyone was too embarrased to ask him if he was "that guy" so I did...the conversation went something like this, "hi, you look a lot like that guy from that show 2 guys and a girl", "a huh", "so are you that guy?", "a huh", "okay, thanks, bye."

The end.

betsy said...

ah, brave, brave lyn...willing to risk awkward conversations for the sake of knowledge. way to go.