Beachee Fun!

Last weekend, Adam, Elisa, Houston, Jackie, Jenni, Jayson, and I hopped a bus to get some sun at the beachee (or at least, that's what all our kids call it in class...unless they're calling it some other word that starts with a b and ends with ch). It was a blissful day full of sun, frisbees, climbing over rocky outcroppings, and all around good times. The beaches in Korea don't quite compare to Cali and are known to be swarming with bathers once the heat comes, but this one was big with plenty of sand to frolic in or lay on, and there weren't many people. In fact, we practically had the entire beach to ourselves until the post work and school crowd came out.

It's when the Koreans come out that you realize they have a significantly different perspective on beach-going. Pale skin is in here, so while all of us foreigners were stripped down to our suits trying to get golden brown, the Koreans were walking, playing, even swimming fully clothed. I don't think I saw a single Korean wearing a swimsuit without a t-shirt and shorts over it. I don't know how they can stand the soaking wet with saltwater jeans with sand trapped inside, but there's always a price for beauty. For us, the price was colored red. Despite us all mooching off Jenni's sunscreen, we each left with pink splotches somewhere or other. But no worries. We went to the store to get some aloe afterwards and they gave us a free sample of skin whitener, so we can always just bleach our skin back to it's original pasty whiteness. Ah, the things we do....

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Jennifer Bryson said...

It was fun going to the beachee with Betchsy... (try saying that fast if you are Korean!)