So, last Friday night Young Min, Matt, and I had a gig at Starbucks. Diss S-bucks all you want, but one thing they do well is give local musicians and/or artists a chance to show their stuff. I dig it.

On two guitars and a djembe drum, we played some church stuff, some Beatles, Coldplay, one of my tunes, and that old Coke commercial song, "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing." It was all semi-thrown-together, but it was still cool. I wasn't even that nervous. It was good clean fun, and a hey-day for foreigners, who flocked to the place like Koreans to a kimchi tasting.

The main thing is that now I can say I'm "internationally acclaimed", or some other such aggrandizement. Ha. Cool.

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rayc22 said...

AWESOME STUFF!!!! Keep 'em rocking!
Since you're over at the Far East. Check out my latest craze -- a Taiwanese-American artist Wang LeeHom.