Free Coffee is the Shiz

Yet another Starbucks gig gone past. This time I practiced day and night, my calluses were (painfully) reformed, and I think we played pretty well. The ensemble included Adam rocking out on the keys, Robb's soaring vocals, and yours truly on guitar and vocals, with guest appearances by the talented Young Min on guitar and singing. We played for nearly two hours to a good mix of foreigners and Koreans. The set list consisted of the Beatles, Decemberists, Sufjan Stevens, Mason Jennings, Simon & Garfunkel, and Coldplay, among others. We had to keep in check our tendency for melancholy, slow-ish tunes, but I think we managed to get enough variety. Overall a super fun night.

And might I add, if anyone who maybe started a band that's not really together anymore, but they recently turned their garage into a recording studio or they just moved into their aunt and uncle's downstairs guest room, and now they want to get the band back together is reading this ....all I have to say to you guys is: book a gig!! There's no better motivation to practice. You owe it to us to share your music.


smittyandsupere said...

So when shall we - shall our band - practice? What shall we call ourselves?

Our own post on the show is up over at our blog.

Lyn said...

A-freakin'-MEN bets! I try to fit it in about once a week that "man, I would sure love to hear you guys play a gig sometime...SOON dammit!"

Mom said...


Mom said...

What would we do with out Lyn!