The holidays are here! It's Chuseok, which is like Korean Thanksgiving. The whole of Korea migrates to their families houses, everything except McDonald's shuts, and I get three days off work. Five including the weekend. So, what do I do with this precious time off?

1. Get gifts. In the store there are a plethora of gift set options to give to your fam or co-workers. Our school gave us a kiwi set of about 15 huge kiwis in a fancy box and a soap set, complete with 6 tubes of toothpaste and 8 bars of soap. I'm going to have to step up the hygiene and start brushing my teeth about 5 times a day so I can use it before I leave.
2. Have Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey's a little hard to come by, so we opted for a big chili dinner. About 13 of us set up camp in the hall and had two kinds of regular chili, one with no beans, and a veggie only chili. To top it off we made a couple apple pies and a cheesecake. We do dinners up right!
3. Play scrabble. What holiday would be complete without it? Afterwards, we proceeded to the speed scrabble. Now everyone's addicted. Excellent.
4. Frolick at the park. We packed up a deluxe picnic and headed to the big sports stadium to throw around the pigskin and play an exciting game of ultimate frisbee. My team, the Canadian/U.S. alliance, won, probably because of our intimidating group cheer of "eh!".

I would also like to add that tomorrow is the day after Thanksgiving (in Korea). And, since everyone tells me I have to wait until then to listen to Christmas music, I think I'm perfectly okay to start listening tomorrow. Charlie Brown Christmas here I come.


Jackie Bolen said...

Maybe the toothpaste and soap was some kind of hint??? I don't know. Just a thought.

I got a set too, last Chuseok and it turned my life around, towards the realm of the cleanly.

Mom said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I guess I am going to have to get the Christmas music out too. I had not really thought about it yet. But what a great idea! It's about time you introduced those guys to speed scrabble. After all this time of wasted time watching movies on the big screen! Let the holidays begin. Happy Holidays!