Too much to handle.

So, a lot has happened since the last post...moved into a house, planted a 200 square foot garden, started going back to school full time, saw a handwritten illuminated manuscript of the Bible, decided it was time to reread all the Harry Potters...but instead of boring you with a big ol' exposition, let's start right from the present, shall we? How about a list of...

Fun things I'm working on:

1) The Garden. There are few things more exciting than watching a pile of dirt and chicken manure turn into a veritable jungle of edibles. We dug this puppy out with our own bare hands (holding shovels, of course), churned in the most foul smelling manure possible, planted the minuscule seeds, and waited with baited breath...for this!

And I must point out our a-mazing labels...made by super-crafty housemate Katie. Uber-cute, eh?

2) Linocut printing. So I'm not taking a lino class, although that would be incredibly fun, but this is actually the final project for my History of Graphic Design class. Instead of an essay, we make linoleum or wood cuts. Sweet, eh? Mine was inspired by my trusty muse, The Beatles. It says, "Good Day Sunshine" in the lovely font Caslon. I'm not sure how I'm managing to cut around all those little curves, but I know the x-acto knife is my friend. And for some masochistic reason I adore tedious detail work. Final print to come later!

3) Blog numero dos. I can almost hear the scoffs as you read this thinking, "She never even writes in this blog." Touche. However, this one is a joint effort between me and my housemates. It's called What we did to your house while you were away, and it chronicles the goings on of our house, mostly for our super-landlords and friends, Scott and Jojo, who are doing amazing things in Bangladesh right now. But you can see more of the gardening saga as well as the gorgeous gift our 3rd grade neighbor left on our doorstep.


Mipa said...

Dear Betsy~
i can't wait to see the final print! What, you're back in school? Gimme details~ I haven't heard from you in so long. I'm beginning to think you don't like me.

xoxo, from korea,

Mipa said...

I mentioned u in my blog post about burger buns. :) You were my inspiration.


Anonymous said...
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