Top 15 Songs EVER : part 3

9) Blue Rondo A La Turk : Dave Brubeck -- There was a time when I listened to Brubeck's album Time Out almost every day. I love a great jazz combo as it is, but jazz with odd meter? Sweet! It makes it all the more swingin' when the bust out in the standard 4/4 after the intro. And I love Brubeck's thick chords and Paul Desmond's tone on sax.

8) When the Levee Breaks : Led Zeppelin -- This is what I love about Led Zep: they can rock out so much but still have that bluesy, folksy feel. The drums are so heavy, and add that harmonica and the blues riff...it's just so gritty. I totally dig it. This album (IV) and Physical Graffiti just blew me away in high school; Led Zep rocks out like no other, while blending so many genres at the same time.

Because of insanely thorough copyright restrictions, I can't find a good version of this one anywhere. But, honestly, if you don't have Led Zeppelin IV, you need it. It's one of the best albums EVER! Most definitely on my top 15 albums. So just run down to Bog Bean or Everyday Music, or the record shop of your choice and purchase that sucker!

7) A Day in the Life : The Beatles -- Choosing a favorite Beatles song for me is like getting my wisdom teeth pulled and getting dry socket and being nauseous from the pain meds...alright, maybe not quite that bad (cause that was pretty bad), but I could hardly do it. This one is their opus of sorts...the perfect combo of story telling, instrumental layering, and recording manipulation that makes this album so great. And the build up and release at the end -- phenomenal.


Peter Lance said...


"A Day in the Life" is such a ruling song. Intense. Good choice.


Shar said...

Thanks for sharing your music and your thoughts. I have listened to the Beatles for 45 years and never could speak about the music like you did. Wow!!!!!